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Hello and welcome to my website!  Here you’ll find samples of much of my work for film, games, or what-have-you!  I hope you enjoy – any thoughts, suggestions, or requests, please drop me a line!


Better late than never, right?  Welcome friends, to the middle of a balmy August at the Evil Twin Music laboratory! This time around I’m offering more relief from the oppressive heat in the form of a blast of wintry air!  This little bit of creepiness comes to you via my friends, director Lisa Rose Snow and producer Lora Campbell, who very quickly produced this little rarely-seen beauty a couple of years back…consider it the Evil Twin equivalent of those late-summer horror films that the big studios offer in the last few weeks of summer!  Bonus points if you pick up the folkloric references in this film (clues are here).  As always, music by me, but also some of the unsettling sound design – thanks to Lisa and Lora for letting me have some fun with this little slice of creepy goodness!