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Hello and welcome to my website!  Here you’ll find samples of much of my work for film, games, or what-have-you!  I hope you enjoy – any thoughts, suggestions, or requests, please drop me a line!


Welcome back my friends, to that most melancholy and beautiful of seasons, Fall.  In keeping with the autumnal vibe, I have a treat for you in the form of some amazing and beautiful trapeze work from circus artist Caitlan Anthony!  Cait (aka Dislocait) commissioned this piece of music for one of her regular performances on the late, great Candy Show (and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give serious props to Jennifer Comeau and her team at Ocean Entertainment for finding and releasing the video for me to use!).  She gave me free rein to write whatever I wanted, and it was too much fun integrating spoken word elements from two poems from the Romantic period (William Wordsworth’s rhapsodic “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802” and William Blake’s grim “London“) with my music. I hope it achieved the intended effect; an atmospheric sonic underpinning for those two very different takes on that most vibrant of 19th Century cities.  Hats off to Cait, whose routine takes hairpin turns from lyrical to angular in beautiful synchronicity with the music – I say it a lot, but I owe her (and indeed, all of my collaborators!) a debt of gratitude for making my music look so good! Enjoy!