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Hello and welcome to my website!  Here you’ll find samples of much of my work for film, games, or what-have-you!  I hope you enjoy – any thoughts, suggestions, or requests, please drop me a line!


Ah, June, month of shorts, sandals, “School’s Out”, and those terrifying hell-beasts that affix themselves to your screen doors!  It’s also traditionally the month when summer movies really start rolling out, and this month’s selection is a tip of the hat to that most “summer movie” movie maker, Steven Spielberg.  Hard to believe it was five years ago I was asked to write some promotional music for the Atlantic International Film Festival‘s summer movie series, highlighting some of the Master’s finest warm-weather offerings, but here it is, all overblown and heartwarming and epic sounding…usually you want the music to amp up the film’s visual impact, but in this case, I’d argue the rapturous images are more than up to the task of helping the music along!

AFF Outdoor Film Experience Summer of Spielberg 2013

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