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Hello and welcome to my website!  Here you’ll find samples of much of my work for film, games, or what-have-you!  I hope you enjoy – any thoughts, suggestions, or requests, please drop me a line!


Welcome friends, to, what is here in the Evil Twin Music laboratory, an inordinately hot and humid start to the month of July! Fortunately, this month’s new offering represents something of a cool breeze, straight off of the Atlantic ocean.  A couple of months back, I was approached by the good people at Skills Canada-Nova Scotia to collaborate with them on a project celebrating next year’s national skills competition, which will be held in Halifax in June 2019!  SCNS’ own Chris Gallant, along with their marketing and communications genius and my good friend Shannon Campbell, put together a spoken word piece celebrating all that is wonderful about both the east coast of Canada, and about discovering your passion and learning new skills.  They asked me to create some music to help them tell the story, and thanks to a beautiful video created by A for Adventure, we’ve created something special that celebrates next year’s big event, and, on a personal level, is also a love letter to what will always be my home by the sea – check it out here:

SCNC2019 Promo – Find Your Coast

Watch this video on YouTube.