Collaborations both Old and New

Hey guys! Two things of note this week. First of all, for those of you fortunate enough to have TCM as part of your cable subscription (sadly, not me), here’s some news about some very cool programming. I make no bones about it, hands-down my favourite film composer of all time is John Williams. There are others who are, perhaps, more eclectic in their instrumentation or compositional styles (Thomas Newman comes to mind), or who have cornered a niche and style so thoroughly they’re almost a genre in themselves (hello there, Danny Elfman!), but for sheer “goosebump moments”, I can’t think of anyone who’s contributed more to the art of film composing, having managed to make both great films into iconic pieces of pop art, and elevated so-so films into something truly memorable just through the power of his music. The actual screening date for this episode of “The Art of Collaboration” has already passed, but I’m assuming that reruns are plentiful on TCM, so you might want to keep an eye out for this (I’m counting on it screening over the holidays, when I will be around folks to have TCM…yes, I’m looking at you, father and sister). Looks terrific!

Introduction to the Art of Collaboration

Oh, and I have an additional little treat I want to share with you all! My good friend from New Brunswick, author and illustrator Tony Bastarache, took it upon himself to make me a mascot! Well, actually he made me mascotS. Here’s what the man (totally unsolicited, I should add…as in the case with the “Wheel of Fate”, I consider myself very blessed to have such generous friends!) came up with:

"Mad Scientist" Evil Twin

"Mad Scientist" Evil Twin

"Mad Conductor" Evil Twin

"Mad Conductor" Evil Twin

Nifty, huh? I’ve added a poll to my Facebook Page asking which one people prefer, and I’ll toss the same question out here. If I had to go with one official Evil Twin character, which would you choose. Either offer a comment below or drop me an email with your favourite (“Mad Scientist” Evil Twin vs. “Mad Conductor” Evil Twin…or is there a third variation you think would be even better?), and I’ll announce the final decision early in the new year!

Incidentally, Mr. Bastarache is busy preparing his children’s books, but is hoping to have an official website and blog running very soon. In the meantime, if you have any words of encouragement or messages you’d like to pass along, please let me know, or post them here – he follows the blog, so will be delighted to hear from you!

And that’s it for this week…see you in December, folks!

2 Responses to Collaborations both Old and New

  1. Although I like them both, I prefer the conductor. I just noticed the mad scientist’s musical notes now, which I hadn’t noticed before, so he makes more sense to me now…but I still like the conductor better. Cool drawings though…I’d like Tony to do one of each of the girls…that would be fun!

  2. Hi there sister o’ mine! Tony added the musical notes in a second variation, which is maybe why you didn’t notice them before, if you’d seen his first draft on Facebook. Portraits of the girls would be cute, wouldn’t they? :)

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