This was written for an offshore data storage/retrieval company based in Curacao, with the overall feel of the commercial intended to have a classic James Bond “cool in the face of disaster” kind of feel, so the music reflected that. Fun piece of music, and a shout-out to the amazing Rafael Franco for his outstanding animation!
An airy, positive sounding piece of music designed to support a series of images portraying the major transitions in a young couple’s life (marriage, birth of a child, graduation, etc.).
Slinky, stealthy (yet humorous) music to accompany a series of commercials touting Cable Bahamas’ online virus protection services, featuring Dave “United Breaks Guitars” Carroll as a file-munching piece of malicious code.
In this case, the client wanted something fun and seasonal, and for some reason Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” came immediately to mind – here’s my attempt at Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound (with a little Jackson 5 guitar for good measure).
The client in this case is a large broadband communications provider based in Barbados, but with services covering the Caribbean and Latin America. The CEO wanted music that reflected both the modern and the traditional, and, in keeping with the controlling partners’ Eastern Canadian backgrounds (and the nautical connotations that “Columbus” brings), a Celtic/electronic hybrid felt like the way to go.