When he was a kid, Chris Pauley used to make audio recordings of favourite movies and TV shows and listen to them obsessively, worrying his parents and puzzling his friends, but giving him an early appreciation of a well-crafted musical score. A keyboardist for 30 years with an interest in music-making in all its shapes and forms, Evil Twin Music is his brainchild: a service dedicated to the production of music for…

The web
Phone apps
…and pretty much any other media you can imagine.

He is a bit of a Renaissance dude – one of those fortunate souls who manages to merge his passions for music and film, and has written music for television, radio, and web-based advertising campaigns for clients around the world. His clients have included Columbus Communications, the Nova Scotia Community College, Flow Jamaica, Cable Bahamas, and Guardian Life Insurance. He has also scored a feature film (Michael Ray Fox’s award-winning “Roaming”) and several short films which have been broadcast on Bravo! Television and CBC and presented at film festivals in Canada and the US (including Lara Cassidy’s Sunfish, Murder at Insomnia Station and Fridge Magnet Poetry, producer Lita Llewellyn’s Omaha Fly By, Bunthivy Nou’s A Lion’s Tale, and Super Geek Math Boy).

He has also sat on the other side of the desk as well, having been a producer on short films and music videos (including Lara Cassidy’s Murder at Insomnia Station and the aforementioned Sunfish). Thanks to his involvement with his compatriots at Curve Productions Inc. he has also served numerous production capacities on a variety of other music-related projects, including a stint as production coordinator/extras wrangler/sound designer/performer for Dave Carroll’s infamous United Breaks Guitars trilogy (that white-gloved hand pointing to New York on the globe in the first video? Yep, that’s him!).

For Chris’ detailed resume, Click Here.