“Chris is my secret weapon. I shouldn’t tell everyone that on such a public site lest I risk my secret getting out, but it has to be said. I have thrown every possible genre and music style at him and he has never disappointed. Ever. My clients love his music, I love his music, the public love his music. Hire him and you will never look back. Please don’t hire him at the same time as I want to though…”

– Lara Cassidy, Owner/Producer/Director, Curve Productions Inc

“Chris Pauley has been by far the most talented, professional and creative composer/sound designer I’ve ever worked with. His quality of work is outstanding—not only did he thoroughly understand our film and storyline immediately, but he was able to add so much by really grasping the depth of the characters and their journey. We were under an unusually tight timeline and Chris was able to not only turn wonderful material over quickly but also maintained excellent communication throughout the working process and took the challenge on without a blink of an eye. He worked extremely well with the audio team at CBC and balanced sound design with music composition thoroughly, even with our film having several transitional challenges in this regard. He has a strong work ethic and is a pleasure to work with and I would do it again in a heartbeat. He really balanced the tender sides of this film with the comedic parts, creating a balance that allowed his true talent to shine through—and this film is better because of him. I hope he’ll be part of my team again!”

– Lita Llewellyn, Producer – Omaha Fly By

“I have worked with Chris on numerous projects. His work is not just some of the best I’ve ever seen, its also the most unique. He has an incredible ability to take an idea and show it to you the way you always wanted to describe it. He also puts his own personal touch on all projects which has been invaluable. I know when we work together that he will give us music that has not been heard before, was better than what I was hoping to get, and will make people want to listen. I hope to one day have enough projects on the go so that I can have Chris busy enough so that no one else can have him. That’s how great his work is. You want to be selfish and keep him for your own! He goes beyond the call of duty and refines his music to the point where it really amplifies what you want to convey to an audience. I will work with him for the rest of my career. ”

Joshua Young – Director, Writer, Actor – Guess Who’s Knocking, Spy and Another Spy, Re-Creation

“I have been lucky enough to work on several film projects with Chris. Anyone would be lucky to work alongside this humble genius. He’s professional, fun, dedicated, creative, precise, and intuitive. A pleasure really.”

– Shannon O’Halloran, Art Director